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Parsian Fiber Communication Company's Services and Products-PFC

Consultation and Infrastructure Design:

  • Telecommunication and Infrastructure Networks
  • Cameras and Security Systems
  • Computer Networks and Data
  • Centers Industrial Automation Networks

Presenting Products and Procuring Equipment:

  • Iranian Network Cables and Fiber Optic Cables
  • Passive Optical and Copper Equipment
  • Active Optical and Copper Equipment
  • Network and Data Center Racks and their Peripheral Equipment
  • Project Execution
بیش از 10000 مشتری فعال در شرکت پارسیان فیبر ارتباط


اجرای پروژه های خدمات کابل کشی شبکه (Passive)


بیش از 300 محصول کابل شبکه و فیبر نوری

Number of Products

PFC 04

Operating History



Parsian Fiber Communication (PFC) Company, as a provider of major surveillance projects in various fields, is ready to design, consult, procure, and execute large-scale projects in the areas of fiber optic networks and copper networks. With a skilled workforce, the company has proven its capability in this domain.

Parsian Fiber Communication Company is both a manufacturer and supplier of various network cables, including fiber optic and copper network cables, as well as passive network equipment. Additionally, considering the use of network cables for indoor or outdoor installations, Parsian Fiber Communication provides necessary guidance for purchasing various types of indoor cables such as computer network cables, internet network cables, printer network cables, and CCTV network cables, as well as outdoor cables including aerial network cables, armored or rodent-proof cables, fire-resistant network cables, sun-resistant network cables, and channel or underground network cables.

This collection boasts a proud history of collaboration on large-scale projects in various fields, including energy, steel and mining, IT sector, telecommunications and media, security and military, financial and credit institutions, insurance, and more.

All network cables come with a written warranty guaranteeing passing of high-quality fluke testing results.

The fire-resistant network cable manufactured by PFC.

Fire-resistant network cables, with improved specifications to prevent potential human injuries and damages, are utilized to prevent potential damages and human injuries in case of fire. These cables are environmentally friendly and, due to the absence of halogen elements in their structure, prevent the emission of toxic gases and self-ignition during combustion.

Parsian Fiber Communication Company has endeavored to produce fire-resistant network cables that comply with global standards and prioritize safety measures in their production, in accordance with network cable standards.

In fact, such a cable is referred to as one that can withstand a specified temperature (850 degrees Celsius) when exposed to direct flame for a certain period of time.

Therefore, rigorous tests and examinations are conducted in this regard. There are numerous standards such as IEC, BS, VDE, EN, etc., among which the most important is the IEC standard. These standards focus on examining the construction, operation, and testing procedures of these cables.

In selecting a cable, the most important point is the compatibility of the structure and characteristics of its components with the intended use and expected conditions.
  • The primary expectation from these cables is to maintain communication integrity during a fire outbreak.
  • Another crucial requirement for these cables is their reliability in exchanging signals between devices and equipment. Environmental noise factors such as proximity to power cables, magnetic fields, and their effects on the passing signals may potentially disrupt the cable’s performance.

In these conditions, it is essential that the electrical performance of the cable remains unaffected. To achieve this, all fire-resistant network cables produced are classified into three classes: CAT5e, CAT6, and CAT6A, according to electrical standards such as IEEE 10/100/1000 and TIA 568 B-C2.

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